Foundational support

The Wall was initiated by artist Jen Wu in early 2012 and developed in collaboration
with Islington Mill’s Bill Campbell and Maurice Carlin.

The Wall is a process in continual evolution.  As of Sept 2013, it has been made possible
with the visionary support of:

Islington Mill: Bill Campbell, Maurice Carlin, Mark Carlin, Shereen Perera, Riv Burns, Jamie-Leigh Hargreaves
Henry Moore Foundation £4,000
Phil Mayall, English Cities Fund
Urban Vision: Dave Norbury, Jonathan Phillips, Sam Smith
Arts Council England (esp. Julian Kelly): £10,000
Bagnall UK with thanks in particular to Andrew Fisk, Tony Clarke, John Maylett, PJ Moore, Steve, Anthony Maylett, David, Sam Centenera and Martin Dawe.
and by generous agreement with Salford City Council


Robert Hope, Expert Home Extensions
Jason Pentreath, Studio One

A.P Macarte (AHRKH, Gnod)
Alex Hindle, Soup Collective

With advice, assistance and incredible inspiration from
GNOD Paddy Shine (Druss), Marlene Ribeiro (Negra Branca), Chris Haslam (Dwellings), A.P Macarte (AHRKH), Andy Blundell (Raikes Parade), GESAMTKUNSTWERK‘s Simon McCloskey (Vulj), Katie Brandon (Hess), The Islington Estates Tenants and Residents Association morning coffee group esp. Tom Nolan, Julie, Wes, Dan, Kevin O’Neill (M3 Magazine), Natalie Bradbury (The Shrieking Violet), Sherman Sam, Stephen O’Malley (Civic Engineers, formerly Stockley), Mary Griffiths (Whitworth Art Gallery), Ian Peet (Mid Oaks Construction), Roy Bullock, Liam Howard, Jo (Smartie) Atkins, Barney Doodlebug, Fiona Ledgard (Anything Goes Breakfast Show ALL FM 96.9), Helena Coates, Alice Baldwin, Kim Irwin, Tasha Whittle, Rosanne Robertson, Debbie Sharp, Jon Green (Unity Radio 92.8), Marc Rigelsford (Magic Arm), Louise Woodcock, Neil Francis (2 Koi Karp), Matthew (Gass) Pendergast, Ross McCarry, Michael Butterworth (Corridor 8), Paul Haywood (U.Salford), Mark Thomas (Soup Collective), Neil Robbins, Anthony Gross, Eugene Davis, Keith, Moses Lebara, Rachel Goodyear, Martin Greenwood, Jared Szpakowski, Rachel Newsome, Islington Mill Art Academy, Jeni Holt Wright, Rosie Cooper, Fanny Paul Clinton, Mitch McEwen, Verity Gardner, Niall Cunningham, CHERYL, Dave Peters, Rose Niland, Nicky MC Tunes Lockett, Chris Jam –

all of whom have informed its evolution to now.
And now it really starts…

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