Demolition of the Stella Maris Seaman’s Mission >>> AKA Salvation Army building

The Demolition of the Stella Maris Seaman’s Mission, Salford (Mar-Apr 2012) // Islington Mill // Red Bricks, Hulme (Apr 2012) // Chapel St community excavation 19th c. workers housing (Nov 2012) // Chapel St, The Old Bank Theatre (Jan 2013).  All photos: Jen Wu.

Best viewed soundtracked by the mix below from Vulj.  Vulj is one of the founders of the Gesamtkunstwerk night at Islington Mill — who along with Gnod have shaped the sound for the ‘demolition rave’ i.e. the dismantling of The Wall.

Video premiered 11 April 2013 at Chinese Arts Centre screened on loop soundtracked by Vulj Tumurk and Catholick mixes.
A second version was played at Gesamtkunstwerk 3 as the visuals for Gnod’s set.


The Wall, Mar 2013 -- the Stella Maris, Apr 2012 -- the Old Bank Theatre, Dec 2012 -- Cannon Hussey, Apr 2012 -- overlaid with photo taken at Jen Wu's NIGHTCLUB event, ICA London, Jun 2008

Images:  The Wall 2013 — the Stella Maris 2012 — the Old Bank Theatre 2012 — Cannon Hussey 2012 — Jen Wu’s NIGHTCLUB (ICA London) 2008

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