24 Sep 2014. Photo by Damien.

24 Sep 2014. Photo by Damien.

NEXT PUBLIC EVENT – Saturday 27 Sep, 12-8pm.
NEXT PUBLIC EVENT – Saturday 20 Sep, 12-7pm.

It’s become extremely urgent to make more progress, as timescales have now potentially shortened for the site. Between Sat 20th and Sun 28th Sept, please get in touch with any availability between 11am-7pm. Even an hour is a massive help. If you’re not able to come on site, please share this request.

32 months of battle to keep the project alive has left me a little bit more than frayed. A few incidents have happened in the last couple weeks that have shaken my ability to carry this forward for much longer.

The project is about so much more than I have been able to convey. It’s about protecting our rights as humanity – to both reclaim and create a society that fights against the dehumanising forces grounded in mass disempowerment and exploitation. It is about our ability to treat one another and our environment with mutual respect. It is about putting a stop to the idea that all this horror, corruption and degradation is inevitable, that we have to play a silent part in it in order to survive. It is about saying NO while affirming that there is something better. It is about saying that we are fully capable – our humanity is not disposable and will not be suppressed.

On this street, Chapel Street, this is its history. It is this same history which is now in danger of being erased – and it’s not just here. The longer we don’t see ourselves as WE, the more we perpetuate the immaterial violence that keeps us divided. This is what THE WALL stands for.

My faith has been shaken but it’s not altogether gone. THE WALL was never going to be permanent. That for the next two years, this strip of land, these bricks and these stones have been reclaimed for Salford is already a victory. But more needs to happen because time is actually running out. Please share. And if you can help in any way, please get in touch.

Doing a concentrated push over next 10 days to build momentum to get all the bricks cleaned before the weather drops – though this will continue for as long as it needs. Aiming for rebuild spring 2015. Am still negotiating what is possible with the council once The Wall is built. The hope is that it’s not only a monument, but an actual public event and community space that will run and continue to evolve for at least a year. But the first step is to get it rebuilt.

If anyone has a table (folding or otherwise) they can donate to the project please get in touch.

255-285 Chapel Street opp. Bexley Square, entrance Sidney St M3.
fb/twitter: thesalfordwall
e-mail: thewallmustberebuilt@gmail.com
tel: 07766 130 860 (Jen)


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