A pause // Salford’s Nuclear Bunker

The Wall, 11 Sep 2013

The Wall, 11 Sep 2013.  Photo A.P Macarte.

The Wall, 13 Nov 2013

The Wall, 13 Nov 2013.  Photo Jen Wu.

The Wall, 14 Jan 2014

The Wall, 14 Jan 2014.  Photo Jen Wu.


Had read this ages ago in the early stages of research for The Wall and serendipitously met Jimmy Foster (who wrote it) last week at the Equality Everywhere event at Islington Mill.  Hooking up with Jimmy to find out more and about the Old Bank Theatre in general.

I mention this because the numbering of the bricks has halted (at 3,000) due to the demolition being on hold for now.  As of yesterday it’s still uncertain when it will begin again.  In order to complete the demolition of the site, scaffolding needs to be erected around the remaining buildings.  There is however concern that the demolition works are going to compromise the telecommunications system/centre that is underground (see Jimmy’s article) and so works have temporarily stopped on the site.

On the one hand, I feel for Salford in that there’s a half demolished building stood right at the entrance to the city.  But on the other, and I know there will be those that disagree, there is something sublime about a ruin – this kind of ruin.   The Wall I hope does something to indicate that it’s not simply entropy nor neglect at work here.  There’s something else intended for this place and this site.  Though what shape that will take exactly is still to be determined.

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