THE WALL // M3 Magazine Autumn 2013

From M3 Magazine Autumn 2013 issue:

Some of you may remember reading about ‘The Wall’ in M3’s spring 2013 issue.  It’s been a rollercoaster journey to keep the project alive to this stage, but as some may have seen, a rather brightly coloured addition has now appeared as part of Chapel Street’s evolving rejuvenation.

Over 9-13 September, in collaboration with Bagnall UK, Urban Vision and Salford City Council, artist Jen Wu has been numbering each brick of the Old Bank Theatre wall.  The bricks have been numbered to 3,000 so far, with the labeling process coming to a temporary close alongside the works on the overall site.  The bricks are being numbered so that the wall, which will be dismantled, can be reconstructed as it has stood for nearly the last 100 years, on its new Chapel Street site east of Ye Old Nelson pub.  In other words, ‘The Wall’ is going ahead.

The next phases are still to be determined and it’s at this stage that ‘The Wall’ crucially needs your support.  ‘The Wall’ was created as an idea – as a forum for people to come together and take part in Chapel Street’s transformation, to physically have a hand in its heritage and future.  There will still be a ‘party’ in 2014 – with all invited to come help lay a brick (or many) to rebuild the wall to stand for the next three years.  But much needs to happen between now and then.

To start, over 8,000 bricks will need to have the mortar cleaned off.  And these bricks will need a home until the reconstruction in 2014.  While it’s possible to store the bricks in sites along Chapel Street, a beautiful idea was suggested where people could start their support by looking after a brick – to then be brought back for the party next year.

How and when is still to be worked out in accordance with the regeneration schedule. It’s intended to take form as a series of community events with this website being developed to help build the network of support.

While this is happening, for now to keep informed, send your contact details to Jen on 07766 130 860, e-mail or follow on Twitter / Facebook: thesalfordwall.

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